Sunday, March 12, 2017

February 22, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Old Business
  • The Board met with Alissa Carlton (MQG Executive Director).  Here are notes from the meeting:
    • The purpose of the derivative post was directed towards being an instruction for quilters who were copying art works directly with their quilts for QuiltCon - not meant to be a statement on quilting inspiration, etc.
    • The post was a symptom of a larger issue of communication and not getting input from members before posting
    • In the past they have had committees (and will still have some) but are now looking to developing task forces
    • Any member can suggest an idea for a task force (on website)
    • And she said we could email her anytime with concerns.

      Our concerns:
      • Often when MQG asks for volunteers, they ask for too much experience or don't act like they really want or appreciate - need to be more inclusive
      • Same when suggestions are made, we've met some resistance 
      • Need to include smaller guilds when they put together focus groups - not just the large guilds [she said most guilds are actually our size in the 35-55 size range]
      • Concern that we would like better contact with regional guilds, concern that maybe our regional rep is not really in our region (geographically) [she clarified that the regions are not geographic necessarily - not midwest - but rather a way to make sure each of the regions has approximately the same number of members and representations]
      • Andrew (our regional rep) is holding round tables (last one was January)
      • Also putting out a quarterly newsletter
      • We suggested that MQG could facilitate a way for regions (close geographic proximity like Detroit, Toronto, Chicago) to post events and communicate
      • We stated being unhappy with statements made that it wouldn't matter if we withdrew because our money isn't where they get their funding [clarification was that she meant more that the money isn't what is important to them but the members are]
      • We asked what MQG could do for us as a guild since we don't really need 'new guild' help
        • she said to check out new resources page
        • there is a webinar on bringing in teachers
        • they are adding more documents on how to lead a guild
        • we could show all or part of webinars at guild meetings
        • block of the month
        • they have articles on all kinds of topics and will pay for new articles
        • they are planning this year on adding more documents on all kinds of things, she will consider looking into topics around more advanced guild needs (what happens after year 2)
        • she mentioned that we are unique in that we are the only guild that doesn't need the 501(c)3 status of National
  • Quilt Show
    • Postcards are available for members to take and place around town
    • Need volunteers to help setup on Thursday
    • Quilts to be dropped off at the Gallery on Sunday
    • Our charity quilts will be displayed
  • Sew-ins
    • Someone suggested it would be nice to have music.
    • Next sew-in is March 12
    • April sew-in will be a class (see new business)
  • Summer  Retreat - Creative Passions
    • Sign ups coming soon
    • Will be in July
    • $150 which will include continental breakfast
New Business
  • Free Motion Quilting class by Kathy Schmidt - to be held on April 30th at NEW.  Cost: $35
  •  Maggie would like ideas for skill schools (one suggestion was on how to make quilt labels including screenprinting, embroidery, etc.)
  • Charity/Swap/Challenge - this month Emily coordinated creating blocks for the Quilts for Quebec project (houses). 

  • March challenge will be to create something using the Pantone color of the year (Greenery). Emily says there may be a prize!

  •  Member spotlight - the group discussed whether we wanted to make changes to this. It was a concenus to keep it with 5-6 people and one inspiration.  Tonight we had a discussion on how people organize their quilting rooms, fabric, supplies.
  • Charity quilts - we discussed that for this new year we are adding Ozone House.  The size requirement is a little different as they support teens so would like twin size quilts.  We also can continue to make quilts for the V.A. and Mott - those are 3'x4' in size.
  • Skill school - Maggie presented how to make cute cathedral window pin cushions. Tutorial here:
  • Fresh Quilting TV Show - airs on Feb. 23 PBS - Brenda & Rossie are two of our local talent featured on the show
  • Library report (let Kim know if you want her to bring books to the meeting) 
  • Round Robin is starting back up again. Remember to bring your projects.  If you can't make it to the meeting, you can drop off your month's work at Pink Castle

Monday, February 6, 2017

January 25, 2017 Minutes

Old Business
  • Email sent from the Board to MQG seemed to have been received favorably. They would like to teleconference with the board to hear and discuss our concerns. Members should let Amy D know if there things she should bring up to them either at that meeting or when she goes to the leadership meeting at QuiltCon.
  • Quilt Show preparations are in progress. Everyone who submitted a quilt has been accepted. Quilts will be hung February 26 from 12:00-2:00. Debbie is still trying to get information on how quilts will be hung and hanging sleeve requirements. She will email participants with details. Debbie will be at QuiltCon so there will need to be assistance from other guild members to coordinate. The Show is March 3 (Friday) through April 1.  There will be a reception we will need to cover and provide refreshments for March 3 from 5-7pm (Ypsilanti's First Friday event). The gallery is open Thurs/Fri 3-8pm and Sun 1:30-4.  We will need volunteers to staff.
  • Retreat at Hankerd Inn was last weekend. There were 16 attendees. Feedback was not as positive as has been previously so we may want to reconsider using this venue (no ability for someone to opt out of the food with lower payment, facility did not seem as clean as in the past, there were at least 2 reports of vermin (squirrels? or other?) in the ceilings.
  • Charity quilts from the past (2014-15)
    • the Board announced that we have altered our previous decision to sell the 3 quilts in question on eBay. Instead we will be donating 2 for use to Ozone House and 1 to Grilling for the Hungry to auction. These are the same recipients as we'd decided before, just getting the guild out of the process of having to sell them.
    • A recommendation was made to potentially show these at the Quilt Show.  Debbie will see if there is space.
  • Sew-Ins - 
    • dates have been set for the year. We tried to set up about 1/2 of them on Saturdays and 1/2 on Sundays although we weren't able to get an even flip-flop per month based on availability.  Dates are:  Feb 19, Mar 12, Apr 8, May 6, Jun 3, Jul 16, Aug 6, Sep 10, Oct 7, Nov 4, Dec 3.  
    • Note that any of these dates may be re-purposed for teaching events.
    • Based on majority of members attending, the Board has decided to keep with charging $15 to cover food.  A reminder was given to the guild that were we to pay the rent on the space, the cost would be $90-125 so members should consider that a benefit of their membership.
  • Teaching events -
    • Kathy is still looking into the antique/vintage sewing machine repair class although it has gotten trickier to schedule with our space now that we've realized it is a two day class. More to come...
New Business
  • Summer Retreat
    • Creative Passions, July 22
    • Smaller building, will hold 16 members
    • Discussion was held as to whether we want to consider dates later in the year for next year's retreat. A consensus of members in attendance felt last September/early October would be better
    • Cost: $150 per person (+$30 for Thursday)
  • Small thank you flowers were given to last year's guild chairs and departing officer (Karen [charity],  Kim [library], Emily [swaps], Amanda [retreats], Giedra [programs].
  • Bylaws
    • Annual Bylaw review was held by making it a Bylaw Bingo game with donated prizes for all participants
    • Kathy will be posting suggested revisions for the membership to review and vote on.
  •  Elections were held as follows:
    • President - Amy Diebold
    • Vice-President, Programs - Maggie Wilkin
    • Vice-President, Membership - Jackie Mills
    • Treasurer - Amy Stevenson
    • Secretary/Webmaster - Kathy Koch
  •  Board and Committee Reports:
    •  Amy S. presented a Treasurer's report to the membership.  
      • It was noted that we submitted a membership of 55 to MQG for annual dues.
      • We have maintained a balance of approximately $4K in the bank.  Discussion was held on what the membership wanted to do with the money:
        • teachers
        • paying for or supplementing food at retreats 
    • Charity quilts
      • Last year we had several challenges including a charm pack challenge
      • Donated quilts to the PULSE effort in Florida
      • Donated 3'x4' quilts to Motts and the V.A. hospitals
      • For next year some of the ideas include donating directly to Ozone House (they would like twin size since they cater to teens)
      • Brenda has agree to embroider labels to go on donated quilts (someone also suggested we see if Rossie has the screenprint used in past years)
      • Since Maggie was elected VP, we asked for a volunteer to take this position and Jackie MacGregor volunteered.
  • Chair positions for 2017 are:
    • Swaps - Emily Schildhouse
    • Library - Kim Ulrich
    • Charity - Jackie MacGregor
    • Retreats - Amy Stevenson
    • Quilt Show - Debbie Grifka
Monthly Features
  • Library
  • Round Robin (not enough participants this month although others expressed interest - suggested we pick up next month)
  • Member Spotlights (Most Frustrating Make)
  • Show and Share

Thursday, December 29, 2016

December 21, 2016 Minutes

Old Business
  • Art Gallery Quilt Show - registration form went to members in email. Contact Debbie Grifka if you have questions.
  • Sewing Retreat at Hankerd Inn - retreat is full, however if you want to attend, it is possible that you could stay in one of outer buildings. Contact Amanda if you have questions.  Amy S. passed on the information that Amanda would like to give up the Retreat Chair position. Amy is willing to take it over since she ends up having to deal with payments, etc. anyway.
  • Vintage and Antique Sewing Machine class - Kathy discovered this is actually a 2-day class so the board will need to work on whether we can do this with our current location (cost and availability). Kim noted that if we did it Sept 30 and Oct 1 that would be one day in each month.  Current plans are for March. See November minutes for the responses to questions raised at the last meeting.
  • Next Sew-In will be January 7. Kathy will send registration email out.
New Business
  • Charity quilts - 
    • Karen held a drawing to reward those who participated in some way to our charity quilt offerings.  The winner was Kim U. (gift card to Pink Castle).  
    • Reminder that after the January meeting, Maggie will take over as Charity chair.
    • In 2016 we donated 9 quilts to the PULSE (Florida) effort, 6 to Mott's and 4 to the VA. 
  • Our MQG dues have been paid for 2017. We came in right at the cut off before the higher rate.
 The rest of the meeting included sharing our favorite "make" (did not need to be quilt related), show and share, our Yankee ornament swap, and holiday party.

Reminder that our January meeting will be elections and bylaw review.  For those who are on FB, respondents to the "Bylaw Bingo" questions will be entered into a drawing.  If anyone wishes to run for an office, be on a committee or chair a committee, let any of the board members know.

Friday, December 2, 2016

November 30, 2106 Minutes

Old Business
  • This is the last meeting at Cavalry. Future meetings will be held at the Nonprofit Enterprise at Work (NEW) Center @ 1100 N. Main St. Ann Arbor.
  • Reminder that membership dues are past due for 2017.
  • MQG decision: the Board has decided to remain in MQG for 2017. We will revisit the decision in April following a letter that is being sent to National outlining our concerns.  Amy D. will also be attending the leadership breakfast at QuiltCon and she will see if there are positive changes in the works.
  • We had 2 sew-ins at the NEW center.  One was in the larger room and one in the smaller.  Both worked well although obviously we can't have as many participants in the smaller room (10-12 in larger, 7 max in smaller). 
  • Art Gallery Quilt Show - Debbie Grifka has been planning for the Quilt Show in March (entire month). She will be sending out guidelines and more information shortly.  There will be a $10 per quilt administration fee. She noted that the Gallery does publicity and holds a reception on the first Friday of the month.  We also can hold our own reception and/or publicity.  Deadline for quilts is January 11 - they do not need to be ones you've made new for this event.  Also, she reminded members that you can offer your quilts for sale if desired and the gallery gets a 15% commission.
 New Business
  •  December meeting is our holiday party. If you like, you may bring cookies or a savory to share. The Board will also be providing some fruit/veggie-type offering.  Also, please bring your FAVORITE MAKE to show. We plan on gathering in a circle and just showing off the item and saying our name to help us get to know each other better.  Your item does not need to be a quilt.
  • Sewing Retreat at Hankerd Inn - we have the minimum attendees (currently 15).  Cost is $145 for Friday through Sunday, $180 if you also want to come early on Thursday (currently only 1 or 2 have said they want to come early).  If we have early arrivers, you can arrive anytime on Friday.  Question was asked if someone could opt out of the meal plan (and pay less) - Amanda will check.
  • Kathy presented a proposed one day retreat at NEW to learn how to maintain and restore vintage and antique machines. The vendor (Sew Purty) is out of Kentucky and he has offered to give us his lower price of $250 per person. It looks like we have enough interest to probably fill the class (maximum of 11 attendees).  If we hold it at NEW we can probably do it in conjunction with the normal sew-in.  NOTE: It looks like this is a 2-day class so we may need to get some more information or figure how to make that work with our Center space. 
    Questions were raised [here are the answers Kathy found out after the meeting]:
    • Will March work for the workshop >  We have a workshop in Warrenton, MO on the weekend of the 24th-25th but otherwise March is open  
    • How old is old > I think most people consider vintage as being pre-plastic, but lots of people consider the Singer 401, 403, 501 "vintage" and they have a plastic gear in them. Some consider the machines from the 70's vintage and they are loaded with plastic. Personally I don't care myself. Anything someone wants to clean and shine and try to get running is ok with me. Plastic cleans just like paint (usually without the danger of damaging it) and the bright parts polish just the same (most of the time easier).
    • Can I bring my serger to repair > Sergers are fine as long as they keep one thing in mind; I service and repair the ones my wife and her cousin use but that pretty much sums up my experience with them. I've not worked on them extensively but I will be glad to tackle one. If someone does bring one though, I'd like it known that I can't leave the rest of the group waiting on me while I spend a great deal of time with one. If there is something that needs extensive time spent on it, I always am available to stay late on both days to deal with those kind of issues but after the others have left, so as not to take away from their time. I will do my best to help though should someone bring one and, as I said concerning the plastic sewing machines, they clean and polish just as well as a painted machine.
    • My machine is in cabinet and I don't think it will come out or does he have instructions on how to get it out > Machines in cabinets are welcome, and if they need assistance removing the machine from the cabinet so they can bring the head only I will try to help out with that too. I would just need that person to contact me and I'll need to know if it is a wiring issue that is preventing them from removing it or just not sure how to get the machine loose. I may need a picture too, but whatever the issue I will talk them through getting it out.
    • Can I attend without a machine >  As for someone coming and not have a machine, I have many antique and vintage machines that can serve as guinea pigs. My purpose for the workshop is that everyone leave with the knowledge and confidence needed to start cleaning and bringing back more machines than just the machine they have at the workshop. Although a person learns more by watching something done than reading about it, there is much more retained when a person gets their hands on. So yes, they are welcome to come without a machine but I will make sure there is an extra one they can take apart, clean, polish, and get working again 
    • Will he hold spots for our guild to fill for the class for a period of time so that we have priority > yes 
  • Charity quilts - reminder that next month we will have our drawing for members who have created or worked on charity quilts so be sure to put your name in the bowl.
  • Lynn Harris class - is on Saturday, we have 16 members signed up.  It will be from 10am-6pm. Kathy will send out a reminder email for supplies and the code for the building.
  • QuiltCon - 5 members are attending
  • 2017 Officers - reminder to let the board know if you are interested in running for office or filling a chair spot.  Karen announced that she will not be doing Charity Chair.  Maggie expressed interest.  Currently the rest of the current board is planning on running again, but no one is adverse to having others run as well.
  • In lieu of skill school, Giedra held a sharing session for tips or lessons learned.  Here are few of them: 
    • Sythropol really does work to remove or prevent dyes doing bad things to your quilt (keeps dyes in the water instead of reattaching to your quilt)
    • Retayne is another product that will seal dyes in
    • Orvis quilt soap can also be found at Tractor supply for washing sheep/horses - same soap, larger quantity, lower per unit price
    • Quilt Clapper can be used to press seams in place - It is a large wood block used after steaming the seam then weight it down with clapper to absorb the moisture for a crisper seam
    •  Universal adjustable sewing table (Sew AdjusTable) can be used with any sewing machine and is great for retreats
    • Machingers gloves work great for machine quilting
    • Silicon spray on machine bed also works well for machine quilting
    • Basting techniques: board basting, thread basting, 2x4 frame on chairs with tack gun, lots of pins
  • Library report
  • Swap/Challenge - members showed off what they made using a novelty print
    • NEXT MONTH: Ornament exchange/yankee swap
 Next meeting: December 21st, NEW Center, 6:30pm

Sunday, November 6, 2016

October 26, 2016 Minutes

Old Business
  • Debbie G presented her proposed quilt exhibit guidelines at the Riverside Arts Gallery in Ypsilanti in March.
    • Deadline for submissions is January 15th
    • Quilts do not need to be ones you create brand-new for the show
    • Can offer your quilt for sale - gallery gets a 30% commission
    • Committee to select quilts will be:  Debbie, Kim, Brenda (R-G?), Amy S., Jackie M., Teri.  Anyone else interested can contact Debbie or Amy D.
  • Dues due at tonight's meeting for 2017.  
    • Cost: $42 which can be paid via PayPal 
    • (unless you pay check or money order then you get discounted rate of $40)
  • Sew-Ins @ NEW Center
    • November 5 (Saturday)
    • November 13 (Sunday)
    • Cost $15 per event which covers continental breakfast, snacks and lunch
  • Teaching event
    • Lynn Carson Harris will be offering a class at NEW on Saturday, December 3
    • Cost and other details to be sent out in email and FB 
New Business
  • First Annual Introduce a Friend to Modern Quilting
    • The guild set up stations around the room where guests could visit and ask questions about various aspects of modern quilting - everything from fabric selection to binding as well as techniques such as EPP, paper-piecing, applique, etc.
    • There was a good turnout and it seemed to be enjoyed by the existing membership as well.
  • SWAP 
    • Secret Stalker Swap ensued
    • Seems like everyone was on target for their stalkee and everyone really enjoyed the mini-quilt they received.
    • Next month's swap will be a "Challenge" (you get to keep what you work on) > The challenge is "use a novelty print in a project" and bring it to share of course!
  • Round Robin
    • Participants showed off their quilts
    • Due to the number of people who wanted to pull their quilts out for awhile, it was decided to put the RR on hiatus until January.  
Thank you to this month's snack bringers, Emily & Jody.
Next month's snacks are Pam (snack) and Karen (drink).

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Meeting Location Changes

Just a reminder about upcoming meetings and locations in case you missed the announcements or want to join us for the first time:

November 30:  Last meeting at Calvary church, 1415 Miller Ave., Ann Arbor.  Meet and greet at 6:00pm, meeting starts at 6:30.

December 21:  First meeting at our new location - the NEW Center, 1100 N. Main St., Ann Arbor. Same times.  This meeting is our holiday party, so please feel free to potluck cookies or other goodies!  Note for your calendar - the meeting is not on the last Wed due to the holiday.

Then in January we are back to our schedule of last Wednesday of the month, at NEW Center.

Monday, October 17, 2016

September 28, 2016 Minutes

Old Business

  • MQG Derivatives discussion - National has pulled their blog posting on this topic and apologized for the confusion it caused.

  • Teachers/Classes
    • Giedra did hear back from Chris Thompson (Tattooed Quilter) but it looks like the December date would be hard to fill for members plus response seemed lukewarm on the topics he was willing to teach. 
    • A straw poll of members in attendance indicated that members would be more interested in bringing in a local teacher - possibly even utilizing some of our own guild talent.  Also suggested that we ask Brenda for teachers that are close by (so not necessarily guild members but maybe less of travel expenses).  Might want to check into what Chicago guild has to offer and/or teachers they've brought in.
    • Topics people are interested in include: 
      • Quilting (free motion) - one possible teacher might be Sue Nichols
      • Improv - possible teachers Lynn Harris, Kathy Schmidt
      • Another idea might be guild-led such as everyone decide to work on the same pattern (like a bag) and we all help each other out
  • Introduce a Friend to Quilting Night - October 26th (regular meeting night @Cavalry)
    • Amy D will send a google doc out to everyone asking for sign-ups
    • Suggested topics: fabric selection, cutting, piecing, pressing, squaring, quilt sandwich, binding, EPP, quilt math, patterns - what to start with for beginners, paper piecing, applique
    • Members should plan on bringing their own samples of various techniques so we can show examples

New Business
  • A proposal has been brought to the Board to withdraw from MQG in 2107 because of how much it costs versus the value received for all members. The Board has decided to see if it is feasible and to investigate the pros and cons. A straw poll was taken of members present and about 50% stated they would like to withdraw and 50% stated they didn't care one way or the other.  There was no one who said they would like to keep paying membership to National.  Members present did indicate that they would like to see a list of the benefits that national provides members.
  • Swaps - Secret Stalker Swap due at October meeting (we figure it will be fun to show the "friends" in attendance)
    • The Board is excited to announce that we will have a new meeting location soon.  We are signing an agreement to be an Affiliate at the New Center (1100 N. Main St.).  This gives us:
      • 2 meetings per month - so we plan on having our regular meeting plus sew-ins and/or teacher events
      • a permanent mailing address
      • photocopy and fax capabilities
      • nice view
    • We will start meeting there at our December Holiday Party meeting (December 21st at present but we will discuss if there is a better date for folks)
    • Our October (Oct. 26) and November (Nov. 30) meetings will still be at Cavalry.
    •  A Question was asked what the cost would be to have an extra day (beyond our two meetings).  The Board will research this and get back to everyone.
  • It was suggested that the Board look into the Craft Industry Alliance.
  • Quilt Show Committee - a committee has been formed.  Interested in joining? Contact Amy D or Debbie G. 
  • Elections - reminder that elections are in January. It looks like all the existing board will run again, but competition is a good thing.  Feel free to nominate yourself (or have someone nominate you) if you'd like to run for any office.
  • Library - books galore, let Kim U know if you want any specific ones brought to the meeting
  • Skill School - Kathy K gave a presentation on creating a bit-mapped or pixelated quilt
    • Some options for how to create your pixellation:

    1. Online services like - a service where you send in a photo and for $9.50 they email you a pattern with yardage requirements
    2. Free apps or websites
      1. Lemberg Patchwork Pattern Maker
      2. CH Mosaic (iPhone app) [Color Hints Mosaic) [this is what Kathy used for her Whoot! quilt)
      3. Pic 2 Pat 
    3. Upload a file in your browser and save to computer - good blog tutorial at
    4. Tutorials
      1. Craftsy class - Pictures to Pixel Quilts (free class!)
      2. East Dakota Quilter - uses a more manual method where she takes 5 shades of gray and overlays them on an enlarged b&w photo
      3. Kristy Daum's Tenth Dr. Who quilt
    5. Create from a cross-stitch pattern (some software packages for embroidery create cross stitch, e.g., Viking's Pro Embroidery System)
    •  What I did for Whoot!
    1. Found a cute owl graphic (think about copyright however!) - what to look for? simple works best although you can get as complex as you like
    2. On my phone I chose the app CH Mosaic. Uploaded the clip art to the app
    3. App gives the choice between triangles or squares. You can also adjust how many squares by how many you want. The less squares, the easier to do, but you may lose detail. More squares = more detail.
    4.  Click "Mosaic" and see if you like. If not, go back to your graphic and adjust.
    5. You can also decide how many colors you want. Again a balance between enough color to detail your graphic and not too much to make it a nightmare to match colors. I chose 5 for Whoot! which turned out to be perfect for the Michael Miller challenge fabric I had on hand.

  • Round Robin (more members are always welcome to jump in!)
  • Swap ensued - favorite fat quarter swap.  Secret Stalker next month.