Saturday, May 14, 2016

Link Round-Up for May 14, 2016

Debbie G.'s "Inspired by QuiltCon" challenge quilt was a mini inspired by Timna Tarr's work. I love how fun and personal, yet simple, this is:

Her April and May Charity Challenge posts are up with patterns, and she has got a new "Minimal Mini" series going.  See also MM3 and MM4.

Pam L. has a lot going on, as usual, but highlighting just one thing, she's quilting this fox:

Karen finished the Frances Firefly she started at Sewtopia Atlanta and her quilting idea (emulating the dart-y motion of a firefly) is rather interesting, right?

And for Sewtopia she participated in the Michael Miller challenge, making a pretty cute book:

Thursday, April 28, 2016

April 27, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Old Business
  • Snacks
    • Thank you to the following people who signed up for snacks
      (May: Jessica M & Kim N; Jun: Jude F & Maggie W; Jul: Debbie T (we need someone for beverages); Aug: Kim U & Susan U; Sep: Jackie McG & Denise A; Oct: Emily S & Jody E; Nov: Pam E & Karen B.
  • Penny Lehman Class
    • Sign-ups are now closed for the guild and any open spots will be given to the DAMQG.
    • They do need assistance with setup and provision of ironing boards and irons (Contact Giedra or Vicky if you can help)
  •  National Teachers
    • Still working on Chris T for October or November. Looking at having him teach as part of a retreat and probably at Howell so everyone who wants to attend, can.  It was suggested that we make sure he doesn't have a class size limit (Giedra will verify).
  • Sew-Ins and Retreats
    • A test run was held at Ann Arbor Library on April 8th.  It is a nice space with plenty of outlets. Unfortunately it was not well attended.  One big issue is that we cannot have food there and another is that the schedule is very tight for all day sewing (not many Sunday dates available)
    • Giedra has had a look at New Center which also is very nice. More to come on that at future meetings. She feels it is an amazing space but the contact person is out until June 1.
  • Zingerman's Foodie Challenge
    • 16 people have signed up so far - would like to have 20.
    • Final registration form needs to be turned in with your quilt at the May meeting.
    • Make sure your mini-quilt is labeled and has a hanging sleeve or hanging corners.
    • Giedra needs help with hanging the quilts and take down.  Let her know if you are available on Thursday the 2nd and/or Sunday the 5th of June.
    • Results of viewer choice voting will be announced at June meeting.
  • Michigan Avenue Yard Sale
    • Jackie Mills offered her yard but there does not appear to be enough interest to take part so we will table this idea for this year.
  •  MQG membership cards are in.  See Jackie Mills if you didn't get yours.
  • Charity Quilts
    • We have a box for donations (need more!)
    • Members are bringing dies and die cutters to the meeting. Suggested to keep the meeting from running long that members use the social time before the meeting to cut fabric (or quietly while the meeting is running)
    • Pam Lincoln received a letter from Mott. She will forward it to Amy D.
    • Board is continuing to look at the idea of relay or team charity quilts. Contact Karen Burton if you are interested in forming a team.
    • Anyone who takes part in a charity quilt will have their name put in a drawing for a prize at the end of the year.
    • We will also reinstate having a charity corner at all retreats (although it was noted that this is entirely voluntary).
    • Charity challenge - 12-1/2" blocks in red/white/or blue to make quilts for the Veterans. Bring to May & June meetings.
New Business
  • Jackson Pieces and Patches Quilt Guild brought a sample raffle quilt and made a presentation on their Annual Quilt Show which is May 14-15 at Jackson Catholic Middle School.  See for more information.
  • GAAQG is hosting Cathy Miller at the May Quilt Day - May 21.  She also is giving a hexie class on that Sunday. See for more details.
  • Casual Quilters of Brighton are having a quilter to quilter sale on May 2nd at St. Patrick's Church.
  • Board is also considering an "Introduce a Friend to Quilting" day.  There was interest in this event from attendees.
Library: 7 new books - all with a modern slant!  See Kim U to borrow.

Member Spotlight: Kim Ulrich

 Skill School: Lynn Harris - Pressing Matters!

We shared our Upcycle Challenge projects (this month's Swap) as well as progress on Round Robin quilts and our monthly Show and Share.

Thank you Pam for taking photos for me. These are a mix of the upcycle challenge and our show and share.  (NOTE: Since we forgot to ask, if you do not wish your photo posted above, let me know and I will remove it.)

~Kathy Koch

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

March 30, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Old Business
  • Sew-Ins
    • Board decided that Quilting Season is probably not going to work for our needs. 
    • Looking into Ann Arbor District Library free space - main branch downtown (see FB page for more details or contact Giedra). First sew-in set for Friday, April 8, 5:00-8:30pm.  No food is allowed at this venue.
    • Looking for May time frame for an all-day sew.
    • A suggestion was made to look into Cleary University in Howell.
  • Foodie Challenge
    • Quilts are due at the May meeting
    • Show is at Zingerman's from June 3-5
    • Open to A2MQG members only
    • There will be a pre-registration form on the FB page and here (BLOG). Need to provide an estimate of size.  Due next meeting (April).
    • Need volunteers to hang and label
  • Membership
    • Jackie has not received membership cards yet from MQG
    • Email was sent to members with a PDF of member emails. Let Jackie know if you did not receive
  • Pie-Making Day Challenge
    • Winner was Ginia Forrester
New Business
  • DAMQG and A2MQG Co-Sponsor Penny Lehman (@sewtakeahike)
    •  Penny will be presenting a paper-piecing class in concert with her teaching at GlampStitchaLot.
    • Wednesday, June 1, 10am-2pm, Location in Canton - Cost: $45
    • Attendees will receive a Faygo and Guild logos in order to complete their project which is a hot pad
    • Each guild gets 10 spots - first come, first served.  If you want to attend let Giedra know immediately.  However, spots will be saved by check received by her - it won't hold your spot to just say your intent.
  • Giedra is working on getting Chris Thomson (the Tattooed Quilter) to give a class in early fall. It will probably be a one day class on one of these dates > Sep 10-11, Sep 17-18 or Oct 15-16. We will not be hosting Lizzy House at present due to cost and too fast a turnaround to find a suitable location.
  • Giedra would like members to give her ideas on what they want to learn - what she should be looking for when bringing in national or local teachers.
  •  Retreats
    • Amanda is working with Giedra on ideas for bringing in teachers to a retreat
    • Still looking at possible dates for Late June thru August
    • Ideas for location include Hankerd Inn, St. Johns retreat in Plymouth, Howell Nature Preserve, or Creative Passions (which is almost to Birch Run)
  • Guild is re-instituting a snack sign-up for the social 1/2 hour before the meeting. We need volunteers for next meeting.
  • The Board is looking into doing the Hwy 12 / Michigan Ave Yard Sale.  We can use Jackie's yard, but she will be out of town.
  • Charity Quilts - Amy S bought a box and added some fabric to start for kits or backs.  A suggestion was made to have a 'pass along' project where someone signs up for cutting, someone else piecing, sewing, quilting, binding...   We will be able to promote the sale of the eBay auctions at the Foodie Challenge - Zingerman's will have a space for signage (not big enough to show the quilts themselves).  The Board plans on future charity projects to just donate the entire quilt to the charity to let them auction it themselves.
  • Library
    • We are taking advantage of Pink Castle's book sale and will be purchasing approximately 6 modern quilt related books for the guild library.  Debbie G noted that she and other get a discount with Fons & Porter (F&W publishing) plus several members have wholesale accounts (e.g., Checker) where they can purchase books often at 40% discount. 
    • There is a book missing from the library - if anyone knows the where-abouts of Kathy Schmidt's "Rule Breaking Quilts", let Kim know.
    • It was also suggested that members follow various blog hops to attempt to win books for the library
    • Anyone with good modern quilting books they no longer need, please feel free to donate
  • Member Spotlight - Amy Stevenson ; next month - Kim Ulrich
  • Skill School - Cheryl Smallwood demo'd Board Basting
  • Swap
    • Favorite Tool Yankee swap was held
    • next month - Up-cycle Challenge: bring something made by upcycling (e.g., using clothing, vintage linens, bag hardware) - does not need to be a quilt but does need to be 'sewn'
NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, April 27

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Koch

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Link Round-Up for March 26, 2016

Karen teamed up with her daughter to make a Jelly Roll Race for her mom.

Pam L.'s Splendid Sampler blocks are coming along nicely, and are very cute):

Debbie G., Jenna, and Rossie are all stops on the blog tour for Casey York's "The Applique Book":

Jenna's Falling Leaves:

Debbie's Paper Chains:

 Rossie's Moments:

And Rossie's Spotlights:

And finally, Lynn has a tutorial on twirling seams:

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Link Round-Up for March 13, 2016

Lynn H. shared completed photos of Coal Seam:

And I don't usually put in more than one picture from one member at a time, but I couldn't pick between the above and this. Lynn has also started sharing a series of quilts and messages relating to domestic abuse:

Debbie has had a bunch of posts featuring the stops on the blog tour for her book.  Each post has a picture of a quilt from the book.  Below I'm sharing the image from Rossie's post of the cover quilt, which she covered on her stop on the tour:

And Debbie also shared the plans for her March charity challenge quilt.

Pam L has a quilt "Polka Dot Playground" in the April/May 2016 issue of
McCalls Quick Quilt magazine:

And finally, Dorie posted about her Pegasus quilt, in which she used a large-scale, but monochrome, print very effectively as a sashing:

Saturday, March 5, 2016

March 2, 2016 Meeting Minutes

NOTE: The February 24th meeting was rescheduled to this date due to inclement weather.

Old Business:

  • Sew-ins / One day retreats - still looking into joining the ongoing open sews at Quilting Season and looking into locations for a one day retreat
  • Membership
    • Members would like to see an updated roster - asking that Jackie sends something out to registered guild members
    • It was also requested that we post a listing of membership and emails on our private Facebook page, however the Board felt that was not appropriate. 
    • To meet both of these requests, Jackie will create a pdf with just name/email and email it to paid members.  If anyone does not wish their name to appear on the list, let Jackie know.

New Business:

  • Kathy will be putting a post on the private Facebook page reminding anyone who has not paid their dues for this year that they will be removed from the page by the next meeting.  If you do get removed and feel this is error, let Jackie know.
  • The Board announced a change in the dues structure. Instead of a tiered structure that changes every month, the dues will continue to be $35 up until June at which point they will drop to $20. Non-members may still attend one meeting free and if they choose not to join, pay $5 a meeting for subsequent meetings. 
  • The Road to California group is having a modern quilt show called "Modern Quilts - Redesigning Tradition". Entries must be received between May 1-Jun 15. The quilts cannot have been shown at QuiltCon 2016.  See more information here:
  • For the May Guild Challenge, Giedra has put together a challenge and show sponsored by Zingerman's Deli and Pink Castle Fabrics.  Anne offered to help with hanging options since her company put together something similar. See previous blog post for more information.
  • Jackson Pieces and Patches Guild has asked if they can come to our next meeting and promote their quilt show and sell raffle tickets. Membership approved this.
  •  Jackie has the photos from last year's Pie Making Day Challenge. She will be putting together a survey for members to vote.
  •  Library Report (Kim U.) - Kim highlighted 3 books for the group
  • Member Spotlight
    • Giedra announced that we are changing the spotlight just a tad. For now Giedra will interview the participant instead of pre-written replies. Also, we will try to limit the number of quilts to 5-6 that the participant really wants to share.
    • Tonight's spotlight was Jess Werner (@craftallthethings)

  • Swaps and Challenges (Emily & Melissa) 
    • February Challenge "Inspired by QuiltCon"
      • There were six participants. Rossie provided prizes from QuiltCon.
      • The winner : Giedra (#5)

    • March Swap: "Favorite Tool"
      • Purchase a copy of your favorite tool ($10 and under)
      • Bring it wrapped to the next meeting
      • Yankee swap will ensue
    • Future ideas for swaps & challenges
      • secret stalker swap
      • for April a recycle/upcycle challenge, earth-day-ish, make something unconventional
      • crayon challenge using 2 colors
      • everyone makes the same block
      • curves
      • theme night show and tell
  • Round Robin (Emily/Melissa)
    • Started back up this month. Let the chair's know if you want to jump in.
  •  Other business
    • Skill School : Giedra gave a demo of Piec-lique circles
    • Show and Share
    • Completed charity quilts were shared.
    • Amy Stevenson brought her die cutter for use after the meeting.

 Respectfully submitted,  
Kathy Koch

(Please let me know if you notice any errors or omissions. --kk)

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Food Guava Striped by glitchAnn Arbor Quilt Guild May Challenge

Foodie Mini quilt

Sponsored by Zingerman’s and Pink Castle Fabrics.

Limes and Tacos and Bread! Oh My!

Open to Current Ann Arbor Modern Quilt members only*

Challenge:  Complete a quilt that is in some way inspired by food. Think donuts, pears, coffee, tea, rice, lasagna, burgers...etc. Does not need to be literal, just inspired. Not part of this, but for inspiration see Plated Seams Challenge on Instagram (#platedseamschallenge).

Quilts will be hung in the upstairs seating area of Zingerman's Deli June 3-5th (maybe longer)  and will be voted on by customers June 3-5 (voting ends Sunday at 8pm). Encourage your friends and family to vote too!

The winner will receive a $50 Zingerman's Gift Card and a quilty swag bag from Pink Castle Fabrics.

  • Mini quilts should be no bigger than 25 inches on either side and no smaller than 10 inches on either side.
  • All mini’s must have either a hanging sleeve or hanging corners attached to the back of the the quilt along with a label.
  • We will have a form for participants to fill out that goes along with the quilt.
  • All Participants will need to sign a waiver releasing Zingerman’s from any liability regarding damage to quilts. (They will do their best to keep them safe, but quilts will be in a public area and around food.)

All participants must let Giedra know if they are planning on participating by the April meeting.  A guestimation of quilt dimensions will be required at that time.

Depending on the number of members who wish to participate there may need to be a pre-selection process done by the A2MQG board.

Quilts can be for for sale if you like.

What: Foodie Quilt Show
Where: Zingerman's Deli
When: June 3-5th (set up the evening of June 2nd)

* Not a member but want to take part? Contact us for a membership form. Dues are $35 per year.