Monday, October 17, 2016

September 28, 2016 Minutes

Old Business

  • MQG Derivatives discussion - National has pulled their blog posting on this topic and apologized for the confusion it caused.

  • Teachers/Classes
    • Giedra did hear back from Chris Thompson (Tattooed Quilter) but it looks like the December date would be hard to fill for members plus response seemed lukewarm on the topics he was willing to teach. 
    • A straw poll of members in attendance indicated that members would be more interested in bringing in a local teacher - possibly even utilizing some of our own guild talent.  Also suggested that we ask Brenda for teachers that are close by (so not necessarily guild members but maybe less of travel expenses).  Might want to check into what Chicago guild has to offer and/or teachers they've brought in.
    • Topics people are interested in include: 
      • Quilting (free motion) - one possible teacher might be Sue Nichols
      • Improv - possible teachers Lynn Harris, Kathy Schmidt
      • Another idea might be guild-led such as everyone decide to work on the same pattern (like a bag) and we all help each other out
  • Introduce a Friend to Quilting Night - October 26th (regular meeting night @Cavalry)
    • Amy D will send a google doc out to everyone asking for sign-ups
    • Suggested topics: fabric selection, cutting, piecing, pressing, squaring, quilt sandwich, binding, EPP, quilt math, patterns - what to start with for beginners, paper piecing, applique
    • Members should plan on bringing their own samples of various techniques so we can show examples

New Business
  • A proposal has been brought to the Board to withdraw from MQG in 2107 because of how much it costs versus the value received for all members. The Board has decided to see if it is feasible and to investigate the pros and cons. A straw poll was taken of members present and about 50% stated they would like to withdraw and 50% stated they didn't care one way or the other.  There was no one who said they would like to keep paying membership to National.  Members present did indicate that they would like to see a list of the benefits that national provides members.
  • Swaps - Secret Stalker Swap due at October meeting (we figure it will be fun to show the "friends" in attendance)
    • The Board is excited to announce that we will have a new meeting location soon.  We are signing an agreement to be an Affiliate at the New Center (1100 N. Main St.).  This gives us:
      • 2 meetings per month - so we plan on having our regular meeting plus sew-ins and/or teacher events
      • a permanent mailing address
      • photocopy and fax capabilities
      • nice view
    • We will start meeting there at our December Holiday Party meeting (December 21st at present but we will discuss if there is a better date for folks)
    • Our October (Oct. 26) and November (Nov. 30) meetings will still be at Cavalry.
    •  A Question was asked what the cost would be to have an extra day (beyond our two meetings).  The Board will research this and get back to everyone.
  • It was suggested that the Board look into the Craft Industry Alliance.
  • Quilt Show Committee - a committee has been formed.  Interested in joining? Contact Amy D or Debbie G. 
  • Elections - reminder that elections are in January. It looks like all the existing board will run again, but competition is a good thing.  Feel free to nominate yourself (or have someone nominate you) if you'd like to run for any office.
  • Library - books galore, let Kim U know if you want any specific ones brought to the meeting
  • Skill School - Kathy K gave a presentation on creating a bit-mapped or pixelated quilt
    • Some options for how to create your pixellation:

    1. Online services like - a service where you send in a photo and for $9.50 they email you a pattern with yardage requirements
    2. Free apps or websites
      1. Lemberg Patchwork Pattern Maker
      2. CH Mosaic (iPhone app) [Color Hints Mosaic) [this is what Kathy used for her Whoot! quilt)
      3. Pic 2 Pat 
    3. Upload a file in your browser and save to computer - good blog tutorial at
    4. Tutorials
      1. Craftsy class - Pictures to Pixel Quilts (free class!)
      2. East Dakota Quilter - uses a more manual method where she takes 5 shades of gray and overlays them on an enlarged b&w photo
      3. Kristy Daum's Tenth Dr. Who quilt
    5. Create from a cross-stitch pattern (some software packages for embroidery create cross stitch, e.g., Viking's Pro Embroidery System)
    •  What I did for Whoot!
    1. Found a cute owl graphic (think about copyright however!) - what to look for? simple works best although you can get as complex as you like
    2. On my phone I chose the app CH Mosaic. Uploaded the clip art to the app
    3. App gives the choice between triangles or squares. You can also adjust how many squares by how many you want. The less squares, the easier to do, but you may lose detail. More squares = more detail.
    4.  Click "Mosaic" and see if you like. If not, go back to your graphic and adjust.
    5. You can also decide how many colors you want. Again a balance between enough color to detail your graphic and not too much to make it a nightmare to match colors. I chose 5 for Whoot! which turned out to be perfect for the Michael Miller challenge fabric I had on hand.

  • Round Robin (more members are always welcome to jump in!)
  • Swap ensued - favorite fat quarter swap.  Secret Stalker next month.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

August 31, 2016 Minutes

Thank you to Kim Ulrich for taking minutes in my absence ~ Kathy

Old Business

  • Geidra heard from Christopher Thompson (The Tattooed Quilter). He is open December 2-3 or 9-10. There appears to be more interest for the 2nd & 3rd of December. To ensure interest in this, a survey may be sent out to confirm attendance.
  • Charity Quilts : Pulse quilts were due this evening. We did receive more and they are being sent out this week.
  • There is still a need for volunteers for the October "Bring a Friend" meeting. Amy D. is going to send out an email with specific areas where volunteers are needed.
  • There is a GLAMP ticket available if anyone is interested in purchasing it.
New Business

  • Following discussion by members in attendance on the recent Modern Quilt Guild's blog post on 'Derivative Quilts', the consensus is to take a 'wait and see' attitude before pursuing any action.
  • Riverside Art Gallery Quilt Show
    • Recently three of our members had quilts on display at Riverside Art Gallery. Debbie had a conversation with the curator who was interested in having a modern quilt show there. If so, the possibility is that a show could be in March, June, or Fall 2017. There is a $200 charge to use the space, however we could have an entry fee to help defer the cost. 
    • We would need to have guidelines on quilts in the show.
    • Once we submit the application form, we will receive more specific information on the gallery space. If members decide to sell their quilt, the Gallery gets 30%.
    • It appears there is membership interest in this show so the Board is looking for individuals to be part of a committee to coordinate the event. If you are interested, please contact Amy D. or Debbie.
  • Library: If you would like to request a book, please let Kim U. know.
  • Swap/Challenge
    • This month we had a few members share some UFOs they completed. 
    • Those members who decided to participate, chose their Secret Stalker Swap partner.
    • Next month (September) we will be having a Favorite Fabric Yankee Swap. If you would like to participate, bring a fat quarter of your favorite fabrics wrapped. 
  • Features:
    • Member Spotlight "What Inspires You?": Ann and Jenny shared what inspires them.
    • Skill School: Jackie shared a technique on foundation piecing.
    • Round Robin
    • Show and Share

Thursday, July 28, 2016

July 27, 2016 Minutes

Old Business
  • Giedra has not heard back from Christopher Thompson (The Tattooed Quilter) on our proposed class for September 16/17.  Following discussion on how to proceed, the Guild suggested that we not try to push for this date as it would only give us one meeting to get attendees. Giedra will continue to try to connect with him and possibly set up a different date, but she will also try to connect with other teachers.  One suggested teacher would be Kristi Schroeder, Initial K Studio.  She also is suggesting we have a get together on that weekend instead.
  • Creative Passions Retreat - a positive report was given regarding the retreat this month (clean, comfy, good lighting/seating, also lots of room in the building we were at (CP2)).  Main negative was that we did not have the attendance so the guild was on the hook for more money than was covered by attendees.  Fortunately, the owner of Creative Passions agreed to allow us to take the extra amount and use it as credit for a future retreat instead of just losing that money.
  • Bring a Friend to Quilting - Amy D is planning this event for the October meeting.  We would have demos on methods/techniques, modern quilting vs traditional, tools, tips, etc. She will be asking for volunteers, so anyone who would like to participate are encouraged to contact her. We discussed that this is the meeting we will be doing our Secret Stalker Swap so we would curtail most of our regular meeting items to allow time for all. 
  • Charity quilts - we showed off the quilts in progress (some completed) for Quilts for Pulse project for Orlando.  All quilts to be done by August meeting and we will ship them as one package.  There were also a couple finished for the Veterans (Red White Blue).  Yay Guild!
New Business
  •  Swaps/Challenge
    • Next month's challenge is our UFO challenge - pick something that has been languishing, finish it and bring it to show off.
    • Also next month we will be choosing our Secret Stalker partners. This time we will be including scraps from your own collection that your stalker can include in the mini. Project will be to create a mini that fits the person you are stalking, incorporating at least some of the scraps your partner has provided.  You do not need to use all the scraps or feel you need to make the entire mini out of them.
      • Bring to the next meeting (or drop off to Round Robin bin at Pink Castle):
        • Small amount of scraps that can be incorporated into a mini
        • A piece of paper with your name and all the social media personal tags (@) you use (e.g., Facebook (if public), Instagram, Flikr, Pinterest, Ello, BLOG, website
    • Tonight's swap was Pouches! Yankee swap ensued. Fun was had.
  • Greater Ann Arbor Guild Quilt Show - please support our 'other' A2 guild next weekend at their bi-annual quilt show.  It will be at Washtenaw Community College. Sat 9-5 and Sun 11-5. There will be vendors and over 300 quilts including many from our own guild. Cost is $6 and entry can be used both days.
  • APQS (longarm vendor) will be in Canton at the Hampton Inn on August 2nd if anyone is looking to test drive a longarm.
  • We discussed options for fund raising for the guild. It appears to be the consensus the members would prefer a raise in dues to pad the coffers instead of dealing with fund raising. The Board will take this up at a later date.
  • If anyone is looking for a Featherweight, Amy S has a friend who is selling one for $300. Contact Amy for more information.
  • Jude suggested we consider for our charity quilts the Child Gynological Cancer organization which helps children age 5-18 going through this.  They collect lap quilts and give them to the children when they start chemo and are looking for about 10 per year.  This will be passed to the Board and Charity Chair for consideration.
  • Jude also noted that she needs a place to stay (lodging) at QuiltCon in Savannah so if anyone can assist her, please let her know.
  • Library list has been updated - pdf on blog (Kathy will be uploading it in a few days).  Kim will not be lugging as many books to meetings, so if you have ones you want her to bring, let her know prior to each meeting.

  • What Inspires You?  (4 members shared what inspires them to quilt and keep quilting!)
  • Skill School - Debbie Grifka shared how she creates a "Skinny Binding"
    • She cuts 1-1/4" wide strips.  These are not double folded.
    • She presses under 1/4" along one edge to make it easier to stitch down
    • Rest of the process is like regular binding, sew to front, hand stitch to back, miter corners
  • Round Robin
  • Show and Share

Monday, July 25, 2016

June 29, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Thanks to Amanda Coulter for stepping in and taking notes!

Old Business

Foodie Challenge: The winner of the challenge (by a landslide) was announced (Brenda Rowley-Gray, with her entry of "Carrots").  The guild thanked Giedra for her considerable work in coordinating the challenge.

Charity Quilts:  We collected quilt blocks for both the Red/White/Blue quilts, as well as Quilts for Pulse.  Those interested in contributing who have not yet had the chance can bring finished charity quilts to the August meeting.  At the July meeting we may need to solicit volunteers to help finish / assemble and quilt the charity quilts.

July Retreat: The July retreat was planned for July 14th - 17th at Creative Passions in Chesaning, MI.  Amanda alerted the guild members that we are many people short of making our minimum required for attendance without losing Guild money.  We encouraged more people to sign-up, and collected payments from those scheduled to attend.

October Meeting’s “Introduction to Quilting” event: We will have a science-fair-style event at the October meeting.  The purpose is to introduce newcomers to the stages of making a quilt.  We will man different stations set-up around the room (e.g. cutting, quilting, fabric selection, etc.).  Members are encouraged to bring people to that meeting who either may not know much about quilting, or who might be interested in joining our group.  We may have a raffle and/or prizes, and we will be looking for volunteers to work the tables.

New Business

July Swap: At our July meeting we will exchange quilted pouches.  The guidelines are that pouches must: (1) be a pouch; (2) have a closure; and (3) be quilted.  This will be a Yankee Swap.  There are no size restrictions, and zippers are not required.  Additionally, pouches may be empty (but need not be empty if you are so inclined to fill them).

Library Spotlight:  Kim noted that Amy and Allison contributed new books to our library.  The list of all our library books has not yet been updated, but will be.  Members should send an email to Kim U. to request a particular book for a future meeting.

NEW Spotlight Format:  Future meetings will include a new section where members will “show” or “share” something about quilting, in order to get to know each other as members better.  At this first updated session of Spotlight, Giedra shared a tiny paper piecing project which was inspired by Rashida Coleman Hale (from Cotton + Steel).  Jackie shared the Carolyn Friedlander book “Savor Each Stitch,” and explained a project she made from the book.  Amy P. shared that when Carolyn Friedlander spoke to our guild at a trunk show, Amy was inspired by Carolyn’s comments on “slow stitching,” and it made Amy focus on the process rather than the end product.  Amy S. shared a quilt she made based on a pattern from Debbie Grifka, but adapted to ⅓ the scale.  Amanda shared an idea she is formulating for creating a Sashiko-inspired quilt.

Skills School: Amy S. demonstrated her pattern for a “Scrappy Snowball.”  This pattern includes a paper template. 

Round Robin:  Participants shared progress on round robin quilts, and received new assignments.  Members are reminded that they can join at any time!

Miscellaneous: For anyone interested in attending the November Glamp Stitchalot event, Ida has a ticket to sell.  Contact Ida for details.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Quilts for Pulse

The Board has decided to support the Orlando Quilts for Pulse project. 

Regardless of your political or personal views, we hope that everyone will join in and make at least one block (but hopefully more!) to support this effort to send a quilt to each victim or their family.

The Guild has been signed up to make at least one quilt, but we are hoping that the outpouring is so great we will be able to send even more.  If you are not able to make a block, hopefully you will be willing to piece blocks together, do the quilting or the binding.

Basically it can be any block but the simple one the MQG shared goes together very quickly. Looking for 10-1/2" blocks in rainbow colors with low volume background.  Size of finished quilt in case you are very ambitious would be around 5x6 blocks to make a 50"x60" quilt.

Please bring at least one block to the June 29th meeting where we will coordinate the piecing effort.

The quilt(s) are due to Orlando September 15th so we have a bit of time but the sooner we get these completed, the better.

For more information, see the info from the Mother Ship or read the Orlando Guilds post at

--Kathy Koch

Thursday, June 2, 2016

May 25, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Old Business
  • We did a  check-in to see if anything was needed for the Penny Layman class on the 1st
  • Giedra is still looking for a good meeting space for us
  • Snack sign-ups good for most of the year (thanks!)
  • Charity Quilts: next month bring red-white-blue blocks (any combination). Should be 12-1/2" blocks (to finish at 12" to make 3x4 block quilts for Veterans). Still looking for donations of modern fabrics - we now have a fabric bin.  Also are looking for volunteers to do shared quilts (someone does cutting, another piecing, another the quilting).
  • Foodie Challenge:  we showed off our finished mini-quilts. Show at Zingerman's has been extended by one day to give the Glamp attendees a chance to see them. June 2-5. Winner will be by popular vote (vote at Zingerman's).  Prize sponsored by the Deli and Pink Castle Fabrics.

  • Retreats: 
    • SUMMER: Amanda reported that there are 4 options for a summer retreat (3 Howell dates (Jul 15-17, July 22, Aug 28) and one opening at Creative Passions also on Jul 15-18).  A show-of-hands vote indicated a preference to try Creative Passions so Amanda will book that.  July 15-17, $140 with continental breakfast and optional Thursday arrival (add'l fee).  There is a 24 maximum attendance.  She notes that we do not need to bring our own linens for this venue and supposedly has good chairs and restaurants near-by. 203 Pearl St, Chesaning, MI 48616. Amanda will send an email with details to the group - plan on paying at next meeting.
    • WINTER: We will go to Hankerd Inn, planning on Jan. 27-29 weekend.
  • Library Spotlight (new books - See Kim for details!)
  • Member Spotlight: Postponing for awhile. Giedra will announce something different at next meeting.
  • No Skill School this month
  • Round Robin
  • Show and Share

Monday, May 30, 2016

Link Round-Up for May 30, 2016

Amy has gotten very into handwork recently, and has a post with her many handwork projects in progress.  

Her mini for the Ann Arbor MQG Zingerman's foodie challenge (see the link for details on the show; come vote!) is one, done using needle turn applique:

And Dorie posted about her contribution to the same challenge, inspired by her love for LaCroix:

Come out for the show; these are just two of the many awesome mini quilts created for this challenge.

Karen has another baby quilt up...this time in brights, with groupings of blocks into varying, patternless shape sets, for a fun and visually interesting effect.

And finally, Lynn posted both about her quilt "Off the Charts" from her book, and also a really lovely quilt she made for Oakshott, "Crepuscular", and she provides a pattern, too!